Questionnaire on Judicial Training in European Family and Succession Law

We kindly ask you to several minutes (up to 10) to complete the questionnaire concerning the judicial training in European family and succession matters and to disseminate it widely to your colleague’s justice professionals and any other interested professional. A study on “Judicial Training in European family and succession law” is conducted in the framework of our EUFam’s II project. Information you decide to kindly share with us will add figures to our doctrinal research, and contribute to the overall research findings on the application of EU family and succession regulation. Research results will be elaborated and published in a scientific collection of papers by the University of Heidelberg. EUFam’s II consortium is most grateful for your cooperation, particularly at the time of ongoing pandemic crises throughout the EU!

You can enter the questionnaire by clicking on the link here. Please return the questionnaire by 24 May  2020.

This questionnaire will be conducted anonymously. Data will be collected for science purposes only and processed in full conformity with data protection legislation.